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  • Richard Kirsch
  • Kim Thiers
  • Pauline Moyles 
  • Dave Martinez
  • Sanela Usanovic



Meetings are held the 3rd Monday of every month except December at 7:30 PM unless otherwise noted at the Whitehall Borough Building conference room.  All are welcome to attend.

You can contact us by clicking on the contact us link on the left side border.  If you need immediate help, please contact ACRI Commercial Realty at 412 459-0111. 

Our next meeting is scheduled for October 15th 2018.  All are welcome to attend any meeting.

At the July meeting the progress of the DLC upgrades, dead tree removal and the encroaching tree issues behind units on Benson was discussed.  Legally the association can not provide any relief on private property.  Any part of the tree that hangs over your property can be trimmed.  If the tree falls onto your property, the owner is responsible for its removal.  Generally a home owners policy will only pay for removal if the tree hits the unit.  The board then went into executive session to discuss legal matters.



Recently a recurring subject of "Why do we need a Homeowners Association" comes up.  The answer is simple in that it is required by law (click here for the Whitehall Borough Ordinance) and second by necessity.  As an association several things must be done to comply with the law.  Pay taxes on common land and file tax returns, provide insurance, maintain roads of which we get no funding from any source, collect monthly dues and other fees and assure all buildings are in good condition and no one unit affects any other.  We must also attend some closings and represent ourselves at legal hearings.  All this said and more prompted the board to hire a management company to perform these tasks a few years back.  It was determined that the association did not have all the qualifications to deal in the everyday operation of the association and if contracted these services al la carte would be much more expensive than to purchase it from a single source as a bundle.  Yes we pay a monthly fee to the management company but we also monitor that the fee is in line with the services provided.  A recent survey proved that we are doing well in containing that cost.  If you have any further questions we encourage you to come to a board meeting and express any concerns or ideas to improve operations.  You are always welcome and you will be heard.







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