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  • Richard Kirsch
  • Kim Thiers
  • Pauline Moyles 
  • Dave Martinez
  • Sanela Usanovic


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If you need immediate help please contact Acri Commerical Realty at 412 459-0111

In the event of a emergency/fire please contact the Whitehall Borough Police at 412 884-1100 24 hours a day.


  • On Street Parking is NOT Permitted YEAR ROUND AND WILL BE ENFORCED BY TOWING!  Why?  Our streets are not wide and MUST be kept open for access to all units for safety services (Police, Fire and Ambulance), deliveries and trash collection and in winter for snow and ice removal.  We must pay the snow removal contractor EVERY time the contractor comes and needs the entire width of the street to treat the road. That money comes from the monthly assessments.  If your vehicle is blocking any of these services it WILL be towed at the owners expense.  Whitehall Borough ordinances also prohibit on street parking once snow depth reaches 3 inches and the shoveling of snow onto a street.  Additional parking is permitted on the park side of Dunluce Drive except from 2AM to 6AM by borough ordinance.  Violators will be towed at their own expense. 
  • Borough ordinances state the following regarding trash: This a violation of your fellow homeowners rights and is NOT waived if one is moving or for any other reason. Your neighbors do not want to look at your trash for several days. Violators WILL be reported to the borough. The placement of garbage, rubbish and recycling containers at curbside may be no earlier than 3 PM on the day prior to the designated collection day and must be removed from curbside to the storage area no later than 8 PM on the day of collection.  With the exception of pickup days when the containers are placed at curbside for collection, garbage, rubbish and recycling containers shall be properly stored behind the front face of the building and shall be screened from view of the street.  Please go to the Borough web site and click on services for more detailed information on trash regulations.
  • Trash and Recycling 2018-19. A reminder that refuse pickup (Normally on Friday) will be delayed due to holidays by one day. In 2018 Thanksgiving and Christmas weeks. 2019 New Years, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Please see the Borough newsletter about changes to pickup and recycling in 2019
  • Please Secure your trash. THE BOARD GETS MANY COMPLAINTS ABOUT BLOWING TRASH AND TORN UP BAGS.  TRASH CANS WITH TIGHT FITTING LIDS ARE THE BEST SOLUTION. On windy days or days when higher winds are forecast, please secure your trash so it will not blow away on to the street or onto another property. This is especially true on Benson Circle with trash blowing down the street and into the woods, creek and drainage ditch. Trash is pollution and causes drainage to clog thus impeding water runoff from our streets and eventually effecting our properties, the Streets Run Watershed and endangering wildlife. Please also make every effort to secure your trash from animals that come out at night. The borough refuse contractor by contract will not clean up a torn up bag of scattered refuse(A large amount of complaints are coming from Wedgewood Dr). The Friday refuse and recycling pickup schedule is provided above.
  • Pet Waste.  Cleaning up after your pet is not an option!  It is a borough ordinance!  The association has zero tolerance in this matter of sanitation.  THIS APPLIES TO BOTH YOUR PROPERTY AND COMMON AREAS.  Violators will be  turned into the borough  as pet waste  is a health hazard and attracts unwanted vermin.
  • Remember to keep up with your lawn and hillsides in the warm months. It is the responsibility of every homeowner to care for their lawn area and any hillside behind your units.  This is to comply with both association rules and ordinances of the Borough of Whitehall.
    • Paint and siding details are in the Members Area after login. Consider upgrading to Vinyl Siding (You may use any contractor you wish as long as proper materials are used. For specs, login to the members only area and hit the siding specs link on the right side bar.). Forget that ladder! Increase the value of your property. Save time and MONEY in the long run. As time goes on the T-111 siding on your property will continue to age and need replaced in the future. Avoid the expense of repeated paint cycles and invest in the new vinyl siding, soffit and fascia and metal trim that is warranted for as long as you own your home. The limited lifetime warranty transfers to any buyer of your home for 50 years from the date of install. Talk to your adjoining neighbor about doing the upgrade at the same time for a great look and save on installation! Details and a list of contractors that have been used are available on this site in the members area. If you have any questions or you don't have the passwords, just e-mail us with your name and unit number and we will supply you with that information or give you a call back at your request.
    • Did you know that you can drop off your US Mail (letters only) in the community?  The mail boxes on Wedgewood Drive, Benson Circle, the  box near the entrance to Wallace Park Drive and now at the new box on Wallace Park Drive also contain slots for outgoing mail.  The mail is picked up daily when mail is delivered. 
    • L&M Lawncare provides our community with a group rate to spray lawns with fertilizer and weed control. They also offer grub control and aeration. To start your service, just give them a call at 412-655-4141 and tell them you live in Wallace Park. Please do your part in keeping our community looking good!
    • Watch for upcoming meeting dates and events on this web site. As always if you have any questions, feel free to contact us at rkirsch@wallacepark.org.
    • Remember this web site is full of information for your use, but owner information and legal documents are user name and password protected. If you have misplaced the passwords or have a business need to view our documents (real estate professionals legal reasons etc) please send us an e-mail identifying your name and unit number and we will reply back with the information. If needed quickly contact Acri Commercial Realty at 412 459-0111 for information.
    • We are always looking for ways to improve the web site to meet the needs to the community. If you have any ideas that you wish to share for the site, please contact us at the e-mail address.


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